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Real time CLOUD Time and attendance solutions - making your life easier.
Real time CLOUD Time and attendance solutions - making your life easier.

About Us

About Us

Our Software Systems

We are ISO 27001 certified and all our software is code-signed, so you can be confident our software includes no malicious code and totally suitable to be used anywhere.

We have sold over 30,000 time and attendance systems.

Our terminals are initially tested for reliability prior to full scale manufacture and each batch is Quality Control tested.

Long Established

Established 1985, a division of a Global Time and Attendance Company that is a long standing member of the National Time Equipment Association (USA). (now ITLMA offline). As experts in our field, we take pride in being recognized as a Number One Independent Retailer of Time and Attendance, specializing in Time Recording. 

With over 100,000 clients and growing using our wider range of products, we provide the leading Time & Attendance solutions to a range of sectors, including Government bodies, Healthcare, Education, Commercial organizations, Financial services, Industrial, Distribution, Construction, Hospitality, and Retail industries.


Our skilled in-house R & D team ensure continuous product development to meet growing business needs and truly tailoring solutions to industry and national labor market requirements. We keep our finger on the pulse of new technologies, working to integrate our latest software tools with quality T&A terminals.

Recognized for outstanding customer service

Our expert team of IT support specialists and service engineers guarantee you unrivalled support, which along with our training; make us a complete solution provider.

We provide organizations the useful combination of features to help manage and administer their workforce more efficiently and securely.

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